Dangle Book by Dick Zimmerman (Pre-owned)


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This just in from a magician’s estate purchase. This is for the magician/mentalist who is familiar with the prop and its operation as there are no instructions and is the way we acquired it.

Dick Zimmerman released a lot of excellent, practical items and the Dangle Book is no exception! It is perfectly natural looking, ungimmicked (at least in the traditional sense), and easy to use, allowing the mentalist or magician to effortlessly switch numbers written by three different spectators for his own list of numbers – these are then added up by a fourth spectator and of course, the total matches the performer’s prediction. The Dangle Book is a small 6 ring binder with a pencil (on a string) attached to the binder. The binder is opened, and spectator write numbers on the top page of paper. When the numbers are written, the book is closed, so magician cannot possibly see the numbers. In fact, he doesn’t even touch the book again, instead taking only the pencil and letting the binder “dangle” at arms length from him, as he hands it to a fourth spectator to total the numbers. The mere act of dangling the book effects the switch – it is natural and arouses no suspicion. The re-set takes about one second!