Deck Shell – Blue Back – With DVD (Chazpro)


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The video that accompanies this listing shows just one of the possible effects that can be accomplished with a deck shell.

What the coin shell did for coin magic, the Deck Shell is doing for card magic! Switch decks right in front of people! Perform incredible mentalism, rising cards, card from pocket, flying signatures, and more. These kinds of effects would normally take years of sleight of hand practice to learn. But you can perform them easily with the Deck Shell!

Here’s another effect: A red-backed deck is spread and a card is freely selected and reversed in the deck. This deck never leaves the spectator’s sight. The performer brings out a blue card box and removes a blue deck, spreading it on the table. One card is reversed and it matches the selection! In another effect a spectator’s signature travels from one deck to another under seemingly impossible conditions.

The Deck Shell is a metal base shell that looks like a card box. It fits over a regular card box, as in the illustration. There’s no end to the effects you can do!

Also included is the instructional DVD for the Deck Shell, you will learn all the moves and routines for this great magical accessory, including the “Lapel Lift” the slickest way to switch a deck right under a spectator’s nose! Also learn the ABC switch and variations, Topit Drop, Half Sleeved, Houdini Card Trick, Rising Cards, Red and Blue Brainwave, Table Mindreading, X-ceptional Prediction, and more, plus quickies, like tearing a deck into two decks, or switching in a blank deck in for a surprise finish to a card trick!

Includes deck shell and instructional DVD.

“Great idea!” John Cornelius
“That’s incredible!” Jon Racherbaumer
“It…inspires the imagination!” Michael Ammar
“First time I’ve been fooled in years!” Michael Close
“Very clever. I see many applications.” Stephen Minch
“A revolutionary accessory for card magic!” Aldo Colombini