Diamond Monte (Poker Size)


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These cards are poker size with Bicycle Backs that come in either red or blue. We can not guarantee what color backs you will receive as it will depend upon our current stock at the time of your order. If you have to have a certain color you can ask us before your purchase. If we have that color we will be glad to make sure you get it.

Effect: Three cards are shown, two have a red spot, and one has a blue spot. The performer explains that this is a gambling game. If you can find the blue spot, you win a dollar, but if you’re wrong you lose a dollar. Performer is going to show how he got taken. He shows the blue card on top of the packet, then turns it face down, and places it on the bottom of the packet. When he shows the bottom card, it’s a red one. He shows the top card, and it’s red as well. He shows the middle card, and it too is red. This means so far that he has lost three dollars because every time he picks the card that he thinks is the blue one, he gets the red.

So the performer says, that he accused the gambler of not even having a blue card. He shows that the bottom card is now blue, so he’s lost another dollar. Then he says, that’s if it’s on the bottom, it can’t be on top. Wrong again, because there it is, now on top. Then he shows it also in the center. So far the performer has lost six dollars, so he says that he thinks the gambler is using more than three cards. He counts them on the table showing just three cards. Another wrong guess, so now he’s he lost seven dollars.

The performer says that the gambler gave him a chance to get even, double or nothing. The gambler shows one card has a blue spot, and another has a red spot. Tell him the color of the third card and we’re even. Performer says he was wrong again and ending up losing fourteen dollars. Performer turns over the third card, and it’s neither red or blue, because it has fourteen dollars printed on it!

This is a really wonderful effect and once learned you’ll perform this one every chance you get. Comes with the required poker-size Bicycle style cards, card case, and instructions.