Dice and Pins


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes complete with the original instructions and all the required props.

Dice and Pins, the European sensation, can now be yours!

Display a square brass tube. It’s 2 inches long by 3/4 inches square and is open at both ends. There are three evenly spaced holes drilled  through the tube. In addition to the tube, show three dice with holes drilled through them and three beautifully machined brass pins.

One at a time, place the three dice into the tube. They completely fill it. Drop the three brass pins through the holes in the tube, locking the three dice in place. Tap the top of the tube, and one die penetrates through its pin and through the table top into your hand! Amazing and baffling!

Immediately show that the die which penetrated through the table was the middle die! The two end dice are still locked in the tube. Only the middle die is missing!

Immediately hand everything out for examination. They will find nothing!

Dice and Pins is a killer piece of close-up magic. Extremely easy to do!

Comes complete with brass tube, pins, dice and  instructions.