Dollar Con (Terri Rogers)


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This came from an old magician’s estate. Comes with the original audio cassette and instructions.

TERRI ROGERS shows you and your friends an astounding piece of mentalism. Just pop the cassette into your tape player and listen as the voice of Terri Rogers asks three spectators for the loan of a dollar bill. You, the magician, contribute too but times being what they are you’re only able to put in an IOU for
twenty-five cents.

Terri bets your IOU against the spectators’ bills. A spectator mixes the four notes but Terri is able to guess which one is your IOU and promptly has it removed from the game. She then goes on to guess which of the remaining three bills is being thought of by the spectator. Pretty good for a magician who isn’t even there.

We supply the instructions and the cassette tape. The spectators supply the borrowed bills. You supply the IOU and the entertainment. This routine is totally  self-working, you do not use any outs and the spectator can start and stop the cassette. It can also be performed impromptu or over the telephone.