Dotto & Blotto (Edwin’s Magic Arts)


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Like the Topsy Turvy Bottle trick, but better!

The magician shows two pictures of magicians and places them in an envelope. One envelope is handed to a spectator and the other is handled by the magician. The magician then mixes up the position of his magician picture and asks the spectator to follow his lead. No matter how often the envelopes are turned upside down and right side up and how closely the spectator follows the magician’s moves, the magician’s magician picture is facing in a different direction from that of the spectator’s.

Great audience participation, and big showy props that pack flat make Dotto & Blotto a winner, especially for kid shows. Invented by Roy Baker, and first marketed by Edwin’s Magic Arts of the United Kingdom.

The cards are nice and large and show up well from a distance.

Each card measures 8-1/4″ wide by 11-3/4″ tall.