Dunce’s Cap To Wizard’s Hat (Supreme Magic)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. It’s in very good to excellent condition and comes with the original Supreme Magic instructions. Copyright 1981. We don’t think that this was used much at all.

A novel BIT OF BUSINESS you can use at any time in the show. Great for when you have a kid on-stage to help you. Something goes wrong, so you pick up and show a large OLD-FASHIONED DUNCE’S CAP. Made from cloth, white with the letter D in black relief. Hold it over the child’s head for a moment, or maybe you’re the one who has been the dunce so you hold it over your own head. Suddenly the trick turns right and QUICKLY AND SWIFTLY THE CAP CHANGES and now becomes a WIZARD’S HAT, black and suitably decorated with cabalistic signs in brilliant yellow.