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Brought to you by Jon Racherbaumer, “Flashpoints” combines two of the most influential works from Ed Marlo and the annals of card magic.

“Full Tilt”
This is a comprehensive treatise on one of the most powerful subtleties in card magic. Introduced by Dai Vernon and finessed by Ed Marlo, it has dozens of uses and applications. The basic move can be learned and performed in minutes—yet it continually deceives everyone. Without any difficult, knuckle-busting sleight of hand, The Tilt provides you total control and the precise placement of Tilt Concept provide total control and precise placement of a selected card.

There is more than 50 entries and a complete history of The Tilt included across the 120 pages and 70 photographs in this book. This includes bonus material from Roger Klause, Neal Elias, Jon Racherbaumer, Ben Harris, David Harkey, Daryl, and Ken Simmons.

“Devilish Miracle”
First published in 1948, this beloved text has been unavailable for years. The plot is devilish and card magicians have have kept it under wraps for decades. This 40-page treatise includes the original manuscript, plus all the refinements and methods Marlo added over the years.

While these historic books have been tough to come by in recent years, here you have both books in a single volume, making the hard-to-get easy-to-find.

Hardbound, 168 pages, with gold foil film laminated dust jacket.

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