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This is a pre-owned item that is in good working condition. There is some paint chipping and staining to the surfaces from previous use but nothing too severe. The previous owner substituted the original piece of Plexiglas with a CD case which makes for a larger and more readily seen barrier for the block to pass through. There are no instructions but we will type some up for the buyer. This effect has been on the magic market for many years and has been called by different names but the effect is always the same.

Effect: Two wooden cylinders or tubes are shown to be empty. A large solid wooden block is shown to pass easily through the cylinders. Now the tubes are placed one on top of the other with the CD case between them and thus blocking the passage from one tube to the other. Now the magician places the block into the topmost tube and lets it go. Because of the round windows cut into the sides of the tubes, the block is seen to enter and fall through the top tube, pass completely through the CD case, and end up resting on the table at the lower end of the bottom tube! If the performer wishes he can hold the outfit in his hands and catch the block in his hand as it exits the bottom tube.

A very visual and baffling penetration mystery you’ll love performing!

The cylinders (tubes) measure 9-3/8″ tall and are 3-1/4″ square. The block measures 2-3/4″ tall by 2-5/8″ square. A very attractive outfit!

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