Enchanted Cylinders (Viking Mfg.)


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Way back in the 1970’s Jan’s Magic came up with a very neat effect called the Enchanted Cylinders. They have been off the market for many years, but luckily Viking Mfg. has decided to bring them back in typical Viking quality.

Effect: Two cylinders are shown. One is obviously longer than the other, but otherwise, they are similar in appearance. An object, in this case a small pencil, is inserted into the shorter of the two tubes.

The tubes are placed on the table and the performer simply taps one tube against the other and the magic happens. The spectator now opens the shorter tube and finds that the pencil has vanished!

When the spectator opens the longer tube they find the missing pencil.

Vikings “Enchanted Cylinders” are turned from solid brass. They are beautiful to behold. The action is almost automatic. No real sleights. No switches with an extra tube. The effect is done in your hands and with no awkward moves, etc. The pencil can be marked, or other similar objects can be used. Use two different colored pencils to cause a transposition effect.

Two colored rods are included with the outfit.

Tubes measure approximately 4.5 inches and 5 inches respectively.