Encyclopedia of Dove Magic….Volume 5


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The Encyclopedia of Dove Magic by Ian Adair has been considered the most important set of books ever written on the subject of Bird Magic. Each volume is packed with incredible information from how to handle, dye, and take care of your birds as well as a VERY long list of magic effects, appearances, vanishes, transpositions, penetrations, changes, plus much, much more!

Supreme Magic Edition of England
Copyright 1987
Limited supply
Hard cover with dust jacket
Page count: 372 fully illustrated pages

Contents include:

Chapter One…..The Modern Dove Scene
Chapter Two…..Paramount Dove Productions
Chapter Three…Visual Dove Vanishes
Chapter Four….Dove Ideas Unlimited (Ian Adair)
Chapter Five….The Dove Magic of G. J. (George Manikas)
Chapter Six…..J. G. on Dove Magic (Johnny Geddes)
Chapter Seven…Chinese Dove Rings (Jan Van Woesik)
Chapter Eight…Hemingway’s Ways With Dove Magic (David Hemingway)
Chapter Nine….Bridwell’s Treasury of Dove Magic (Jack Bridwell)
Chapter Ten…..Children’s Dove Magic (Jim Reilly)
Chapter Eleven..Gavilondo’s Galaxy of Dove Magic (Luis Gavilondo)
Chapter Twelve..Harbin’s Legacy – Plus! (Robert Harbin)
Chapter Thirteen…Picture Parade
Conclusion & Acknowledgements