Exhibition Card Fans (Goodlette Dodson) 4th Printing 1941


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This is a pre-owned book that is in good condition. A couple of small stains on front cover otherwise great condition inside. Fourth printing, 1941.

Contents Includes:

Chapter 1: Cards Most Suitable for Fans, How to Care for the Deck, Care of the Hands, Methods to Insure Perfect Fans, Beauty and Color in Fans, Perfect Fans Without Springing, Setup for Effective Fans

Chapter 2: The Two Handed Fan

Chapter 3: Two Fans In One Hand

Chapter 4: The Buzz Saw Fan

Chapter 5: The Spotless Fan With the Traveling King

Chapter 6: The Rosette

Chapter 7: Triple Transposition

Chapter 8: Two Fans In One Hand, One Large, One Small

Chapter 9: Rosette and Fan

Chapter 10: The Rising Sun

Chapter 11: Complete Circle with Faces of Cards

Chapter 12: Blank Fan – Spot Fan

Chapter 13: The Blank Fan

Chapter 14: The Giant Fan

Chapter 15: The One-Hand Fan