Expert Card Mysteries (Alton Sharpe)


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The name speaks for itself! Alton Sharpe has compiled a 195 page book filled with the best card magic by the best magicians. For the serious card student, there is something here to please everyone! Moves, methods, shuffles, routines, quickies, and ideas by Sharpe, Larry Jennings, Ken Krenzel, Jack Avis, Marlo, and many others. The “cream” of the card routines much sought after by those who have seen these magicians perform. Over 60 fantastic effects you will learn and use!

Contents include:

i Preface by Author
ii Introduction by Robert Parrish
iii Dedication
iv Acknowledgment

11 Part One: Novel Sleights and Techniques
12 Bottom Reverse (Buckley, Irving, Fechter, Marlo)
14 Multiple Glide (Jack Avis)
16 Take Me (Robert Parrish)
18 Ultima (Wilfrid Jonson)
20 Fay’s Gambling Methods (Eddie Fay)
20 – Peek and Deal
21 – Capping the Deck
22 – Second Dealing
23 – Eddie’s Hop
24 Omega (Pavano)
26 Omega, Sr. (Alton Sharpe)
28 Chango-Chango (Robert Parrish)
30 Perfect False Riffle Shuffle – Addition (Ken Krenzel)
32 Reacting Riffle (Charles Aste, Jr.)
34 Super Stop Stunner (Charles Aste, Jr.)
36 Impossible Card Vanish (Alton Sharpe)

39 Part Two: Larry Jennings
39 Jennings’ Open Travellers
42 The Turncoat
45 Homing Card
48 Refigured Pre-Figuration
51 Larry’s One to Five
55 Jennings’ Visitor

57 Part Three: Paul Swinford
57 Four of a Mind
62 Hidden Countdown

67 Part Four: Contributions from the World’s Card Experts
67 Quadruple Transmigrationalism (Ian Baxter)
69 Favorite Color Changing Pack (Ian Baxter)
72 Turn Me Over (Alton Sharpe)
75 Mirable Dietu (Alton Sharpe)
77 Royal Aces (Ron Ferris)
79 Black Magic (Ron Ferris)
82 Lane’s Blue Card in Red Pack (Frank Lane)
85 Lane’s Winning Hand Deal (Frank Lane)
87 Knockout Card in Aces (Alan Shaxon)
89 Borrowed You Find It (Koran – Sharpe)
91 The Flying Queens (Alton Sharpe)
94 Koran’s Double Out Prediction (Al Koran)
96 Sequence (Charles Wicks)
98 Pira (Frenk Pemper)
99 Numbero (Roger Floyd)
101 Can You (Alan Keith)
104 Think and It’s Trapped (Bruce Cervon)
106 Reverso (Louis Lam)
108 Triple Reverse (Alan Keith)
111 Two-Four-Six-Eight-Find (Jack Avis)
113 Gathering of the Clan (Jack Avis)
116 Sock It to Me (Alan Keith)
120 Any Time Aces (Roger Klause)
124 The Untimate Transfer (Tony Kardyro)
127 Question (Fred Lowe)
130 Prelude (Alan Keith)
133 Combination (Mel Brown)
137 Blank Surprise (Alton Sharpe)
141 Cavorting Aces (Harvey Rosenthal)
145 Jumping Jacks (Alton Sharpe)
149 Ken’s Separation (Ken Krenzel)
153 Ken’s Immediate Spell (Ken Krenzel)

157 Part Five: Stage or Parlour Mysteries
157 Signature Torn and Restored (Carl Sten)
160 The Great Stabbing Trick
166 Cards and Wallet (Paul LePaul)
169 Card In Orange (Robert Parrish)

173 Part Six: Card Mysteries of Ed Marlo
173 Marlo Re-Stacking Pack
175 Multiple Mental Spell
177 X-Ray Deck Handling
179 Blank Thought

Soft covers, perfect bound, 195 pages.

First edition, copyright 1975 by Louis Tannen.