Fatal Attraction – English Card Box


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A great card-producing box!

A wonderful addition to any card arsenal. Slide the lid open and show the interior empty. Close and when opened again you now find four to five cards! It’s as simple as that.

Al Cohen has given Viking Mfg. a very good routine which is included in this effect as well as other ideas.

Very nicely produced in two-tone woods.

The following effect is that worked out by Al Cohen. But please remember that other great effects are also possible once you understand the working.

Effect: A beautifully constructed wooden card box is introduced. It is opened and a deck of playing cards removed. The deck is shuffled and then one card is selected by a spectator, which is remembered, and returned to the pack, which is again shuffled so the location of the card is unknown to everyone.

The pack is now handed to the spectator with instructions to deal cards one at a time into the open card box. The spectator may stop dealing at anytime they wish. At this point the last card dealt is removed from the card box and turned over where it is seen to be the chosen card!

Strong Points: The deck is quite ordinary and is not gimmicked in any way! The person may stop dealing into the box at any card they wish and the card box may be examined at the completion of the effect.

The interior is nicely lined with green felt. The exterior has a stained finish on all four sides with an attractive black wrinkle finish on the sliding top. The bottom of the box is covered with green felt. A prop you’ll be very proud to own!