Flaming Silk/Ball Production Casket….Large


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A metal painted casket that the audience can see through on three sides is freely shown. A lit match is held in the box, and the interior of the box fills with fire. Then instantly the fire goes out and and four inch sponge ball or several silk handkerchiefs visibly appear in the box! Other items can also be used.

We supply a nicely constructed powder-coated full metal box to endure the flaming fire feature; sturdily constructed to last.

This can also be used without the flaming fire feature for productions if so desired.

This flaming production casket is ideal for use in a sponge ball or silk routine, where the ball or silks are vanished, and reappear visibly in the box. Alternately, you can produce a silk or ball, then proceed to perform some other routine – like a sponge ball routine, or a silk effect.

The casket measures 4″ square.