Flash Flower Wand


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The magic wand is an important accessory of the magician and is believed to possess magical powers. So any magic with a wand is not only wonderful entertainment, but also strengthens this idea.

This Flash Flower Wand may be used as a regular wand during your program and handled quite normally. But at any time as the magician desires, this clever prop may be used to produce a couple of feather flowers.

As the wand is touched to the magician’s lapel a red flower is seen to instantly appear! Again the magician can show the hand to be empty and closed around the wand. As the wand is passed through the hand and the hand reopened, a
second different colored flower is found to have magically appeared!

Flowers are made of real feathers and are bright and colorful.

The wand measures 11 inches long by 1/2″ in diameter. Constructed from metal with applied silver colored tips.