Flying Coins


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In this really wonderful little close-up mystery real coins fly invisibly from one cup to another cup! And all without having to resort to any difficult sleight of hand!

Two plastic cups are shown and three coins are poured from each cup. The coins are freely shown and then are dropped back, three in each cup. Now the magic begins!

You mime removing one coin invisibly from one cup and tossing it into the other cup. When the cups are tipped over again, two coins emerge from one cup and four coins from the other! One coin has apparently traveled magically from one cup to the other. The coins are replaced and this is repeated, with one coin repeatedly vanishing from one cup and re-appearing in the other, until all six coins have gathered in the same cup!

Once you know the basic principle, you can modify this basic outline for eight coins or more. You’ll have lots of fun with this one!