Folding Coin Book…..Volume 6 (Magic City Library of Magic)


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Do you own a Folding Coin and would like to know the basics for handling one?

This informative little book will give you answers to those questions and more.

Contents include:

Chapter 1 – Secret Basics

#1 Care
#2 Maintenance

Chapter 2 – Basic Penetration

#1 Coin in Bottle
#2 Kitchen Magic
#3 Paper Penetration
#4 Imprisoned

Chapter 3 – Coin Productions

#1 Washday Miracle
#2 Barehanded Production
#3 Mammon on a Pedastal
#4 Making a Profit

Chapter 4 – Odds and Ends

1 Coin Fold
#2 Buying Gum
#3 A Nice Trip
#4 Card Prediction

Soft covers; staple bound; 31 pages; Copyright 1990; Leo Behnke – editor.

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