For Ventriloquists Only (Paul Stadelman)


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This is a book of professional dialogues that will help ventriloquists establish some great comedic moments in their act and perhaps be a starting point for new material.

Paul Stadelman, a real pro in the business, not only gives you several hilarious dialogues, but advice on how to present them in the most effective manner. These routines cover many different subjects and situations with emphasis on children’s shows and general audiences.

Contents include:

    • Introduction
    • Who’s Crooked?
    • School Daze
    • Just Laughs
    • Hotel And Restaurant
    • Quizology
    • Some Closing Thoughts

In these five entertaining acts, Paul Stadelman has provided ventriloquists with material that he has repeatedly used on all types of audiences, with consistently good results. He has carefully worked out easy-to-deliver lines for the “dummy” to say, he provides valuable advice on just how to deliver them for maximum laughs and he has written many amusing gag lines.

Soft covers, staple bound, twenty-two 8-1/2 x 11 pages.