Force Decks Book…..Volume 7 (Magic City Library of Magic) Pre-Owned


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This came from a magician’s estate purchase. Some price label marks near the upper right hand corner of the front cover, otherwise the book is in very good clean and undamaged condition.

Many professional magicians use special “forcing” decks when they wish a specific card to be selected.

This fine book will teach you methods of creating your own “forcing” decks, and many tricks to perform with them.

Many new tricks are taught using some standard trick decks like the Svengali deck, a Stripper deck, etc.

Contents include:

Chapter 1 – Ready-Made Forcing Decks

One-Way Forcing Deck
Two-Way Forcing Deck
Three-Way Forcing Deck
Svengali Deck
Mirage Deck
Split Deck
Mene-Tekel Deck
Telomatic Deck
Stripper Deck

Chapter 2 – Custom-Made Decks

Number Forcing Pack
The Short Deck

A must-have for every magician!