Future Fungus (4-Flower)


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The magician shows a stalk which has four flowers attached. The top two  flowers are yellow and the lower two flowers are red. The magician passes his hand over the flowers and they change into an alternating pattern of red, yellow, red, yellow!

You can precede the above effect with a little comedy bit when working with the children. You start out by showing the flowers with the two yellow on top and the two red below. You say you will make the flowers change places while they are behind your back. You place the flowers behind your back and turn them upside down and then bring them forward again as you tell the kids that the red flowers are now on top and the yellow flowers below. You can repeat the above actions to bring the flowers back to their original position. You can repeat this for as long as you wish. The kids will be quick to point out to you that you are simply turning the flowers over while behind your back. Then to prove that the flowers do move about you run your hand over the flowers while they are in front of the audience and cause the color of the flowers to become alternated.