Ghost Tube 5″ x 8″


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This is a pre-owned item we acquired from a magician’s estate purchase. Comes with the original packaging box and instructions. The tube has some minor paint chips from previous use but otherwise is in very good condition.

The magician shows an empty cylinder. The audience can easily see clearly through the cylinder and are fully convinced that it is empty.

The magician then plucks a few things from the air and throws them at the cylinder. He then proceeds to produce these things from the cylinder!

Use this Ghost Tube to produce silks, spring flowers, paper streamers, currency notes and a variety of other things.

We were able to load three 18″ silks and there was still room for a lot more silks. In this Ghost Tube you would be able to load over a dozen 9″ silks or over two dozen 6″ silks or a 20′ silk streamer.

Measures 8 inches tall and has an outer diameter of  5 inches.

Metal construction with a white painted finish and blue tape accent bands.