Giorgini’s Jumping Color Sticks


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Please be advised that this effect comes in different color combinations and what is pictured or described in the following effect may not be the colors you receive. Rest assured the working remains the same regardless of the colors you receive.

Effect: Two small plastic sticks are shown, one in each hand. The one in the right hand is blue and the left hand holds an orange stick. The colors are shown to be the same on both sides of the sticks.

Now for the magic. Magically the two sticks visibly change places so the orange stick is now in the magician’s right hand and the blue stick in the performer’s left hand. Both sides are shown.

Now the sticks jump back to their original positions! The blue stick, which is back in the right hand, is touched to the orange stick in the left hand. That side of the blue stick now turns into orange as the stick is show to have one blue side and one orange side. The remaining blue side is also touched to the orange stick and it also becomes orange. Now the magician has two orange colored sticks! The blue colors have completely vanished.

But suddenly, both orange sticks turn into blue and the orange sticks have vanished!

Other routines are possible. You’ll have fun working with these and will carry them with you all the time!

No set-ups! Always ready to go!

Note: No magnets used!