Half A Dozen Hummers (Bob Hummer)


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Bob Hummer is recognized as one of magic’s most ingenious creators. This rare booklet contains six original routines–all amazingly simple–yet all amazingly ingenious. You’ll be glad you picked up this little book of miracles.

Contents include:

The Magic Separation: Face-up and face-down cards are shuffled, performer separates cards behind back so one pile consists of same amount of face up cards as the other.

Face Up Prediction: Spectator and performer turn cards over in the deck, number of reversed cards is predicted.

Lite-Ning Addition: Spectator removes an ace or a two face down, then a three or a four and so on, total of added values is divined.

Two Card Transpo: One marked card in performer’s inner pocket, one in the deck.

Two Card Location: Behind back, with knife stabbed in the deck.

Card and Ribbon: Ribbon with gummed sticker in pocket, selection vanishes from deck and is found attached on ribbon.