Happy Birthday Silk – 36 Inch


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This is a large picture production silk designed to convey the happy birthday message without words. With this specially commissioned artwork the picture says it all. Great when working for audiences where English may not be understood.

Manufactured from a superior grade of silk it has brighter colors and even more texture than other Indian silks. It will compress into a very small load and expand beautifully when produced.

There are many ways in which you can place this silk into your act. It can be used as a straight production item from any standard production prop, like Mirror Boxes, Drawer Boxes, Square Circles, Temple Screens, and Silk Wonder Boxes to name a few.

The silk can be used in conjunction with other silks for a silk dyeing or Blendo type effect. You could place several smaller silks of different colors into a Change Bag and transform them into this large Happy Birthday silk.

We are sure the creative performer will find a good number of uses for this silk when performing at their birthday party shows.