“Hello Sucker” Encyclopedia Of The 3 Shell Game (Jack Chanin)


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. The covers have been re-stapled to the pages as the original ones had come loose. These two replacement staples were placed; one slightly above the original upper staple and one slightly below the original bottom staple. There is some paper tearing where the two original staples were and because of that the replacement staples were placed as just mentioned. For other than the staple replacement this book is actually in very good and clean pre-owned condition.

It appears that Chanin (in his later years) signed the front cover of this work to the previous owner.  Our third picture shows the back cover to the book and has nothing to do with the 3 Shell Game but is an advertisement for Jack Chanin’s “J. C. Cigar Magic”. The inside of the rear cover (not pictured) also has an advertisement for “Color Change Supreme”.

“Hello Sucker!” is considered by many sleight of hand artists to be one of the finest treatises on the classic Three Shell Game!

This is the revised and enlarged 1948 edition of Jack Chanin’s classic treatise on The Three Shell Game, with a completely new typesetting and layout!

Material ranges from information about the proper shells, peas, working surface, and the fundamentals of handling to various advanced moves and variations, blended together into complete effects and routine, all concisely explained with over 50 illustrations to make learning easy.

Chanin spent years developing new moves and refining his presentation in front of all types of audiences, as well as many of his brother magicians. His best material is embodied in this work, making it an essential reference for anyone interested in becoming adept at “The Old Army Game.”

Contents include:

4 Forward (William Frazee)
4 Forward, Junior (J.G. Thompson, Jr.)
5 Dear Paul: Introduction
7 Dear Jack: letter by Paul Rosini
8 The Author Speaks
12 Point On Shells: about the shells

Chapter 1 Point On Shells
Chapter 2 The Correct Pea
Chapter 3 How To Make A Pea
Chapter 4 The Size Of The Pea
Chapter 5 Working Surface
Chapter 6 The 3 Shell Game
Chapter 7 Fundamentals
Chapter 8 Red, White & Blue
Chapter 9 You Hold It
Chapter 10 Over The Top
Chapter 11 Double Pea
Chapter 12 Back Hand Trick
Chapter 13 Variation
Chapter 14 Which One, Bub?
Chapter 15 Open Hand Shift Routine
Chapter 16 One Here, One Here, And One Here
Chapter 17 Look Folks, No Hands
Chapter 18 Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo
Chapter 19 Monte Carlo
Chapter 20 The Finger Slide Routine and Lay-Out
Chapter 21 He’s Just Too Slow
Chapter 22 Stick-Em
Chapter 23 Variations
Chapter 24 Chanin’s Favorite Master Move
Chapter 25 How To Dress And Present The Shell Game
Chapter 26 How To Take Care Of The Smart Aleck, Etc.
Chapter 27 Paul: