Hierophant – Volumes 5 & 6 (Racherbaumer)


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Jon Racherbaumer’s famous publication for close-up card magicians.

All the greats have contributed to these volumes: Hamman, Dingle, Marlo, Jennings, Vernon, Cervon, Elmsley and more.

Many photographs and illustrations make these the most comprehensive descriptions of the latest and greatest routines.

Here are the top professionals’ innermost secrets – most often described in the past only by word of mouth – but finally revealed by Jon Racherbaumer in brilliant, concise, completely informative descriptions. Not only are the effects impressive, but they include the finest of the updated card classics, for the present day use of all quality card performers.

Hierophant 5 and 6, has more magnificent card sequence creations and improvements from the card professionals!

Contents include:

Issue 5:

  • Publisher’s Palaver
  • Hurley’s Automatic Boston Box
  • Coin Concatenation
  • Ambush
  • An Easy Ambush
  • A Clean Ambush
  • Let’s Ambush and Kill “The Collectors”
  • Dingle’s “Collectors”
  • All You Had To Do Was Watch And Still You’re Not Happy
  • “Collect Double”
  • Marlo’s Visual Retention Change
  • Marlo’s Technical Variation of the Veeser Concept
  • Almost Like Trick Cards
  • Estimations
    • The “Too Perfect” Theory
    • Dunbury’s Delusions
    • Riffs of Henry Christ
    • A Dialogue with Merritt
  • The Satiricon
    • Further Cardmanship – part two

Issue 6:

  • Notes on a Miracle
  • Have Another Sandwich
  • Variation and Feat
  • “Shades of the Half and Half Principle”
  • Direct Ace-X-Ace
  • Thoughts on “Money Power”
  • Black Aces – Red Kings
  • This is a Four King Trick
  • Marlo’s Visible Phantoms
  • Pocket Princess
  • Marlo on the Christ Force
  • The Wheeling Three
  • That Twist Again
  • Sid’s Super Stab
  • Martin Gardner’s “Wink Change”
  • Tilt Tip and Mock Placement
  • Si Stebbins Sorcery
  • “The Chicago Miracle”
  • Si Stebbins on the Road
  • Liar’s Fortune
  • New Aces To Pockets
  • Laser Card To Pocket
  • Logical Challenge Cards to Pocket

Copyright 1976 by Tannen Magic, Inc.

Hierophant 5 & 6 starts with page 218 and goes to page 304.

Page size 8.5 x 11 inches.