Improved Super Bill Fooled (G&G Enterprises)


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Presented by Ravel. Constructed from imported Moroccan leather. Many great effects possible. Incorporates a new principle which permits the section with the partial flap to always be on the left side. You will find that you can open it from either the left hand or the right hand side. Comes with detailed instructions and four great routines. One routine is as follows:

Performer opens billfold displaying two one dollar bills and three blank pieces of paper, which are referred to as “special Polaroid paper”. Performer then uses the dollar bills as originals and makes copies with the blank paper by merely closing the billfold containing a dollar bill and a blank piece of paper and waiting one second. After making two one dollar bills in this manner performer then states longer exposures are possible. He then takes the four one dollar bills and the remaining piece of blank paper, closes billfold and waits two seconds. Upon opening billfold he shows five two dollar bills, placing one aside he closes billfold once more and waits five seconds. When billfold is now opened four five dollar bills are revealed!

Plus three more excellent routines!