In Search Of (Alan Landsburg)


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From the baffling remains of lost civilizations to the outer limits of our universe, the “In Search Of” team has probed into uncharted regions where the mind of modern man can only wonder.

Based on highlights from the extraordinary TV program that has enthralled primetime audiences nationwide – and illustrated with more than 70 pictures – this astonishing volume seeks answers to questions that science has just begun to explore.

Were Barney and Betty Hill actually abducted by humanoids from outer space, as they told it under hypnosis? Is our planet under surveillance by aliens? For what purpose?

How can psychics such as Jeane Dixon see into the future? What mindboggling discoveries has Kirlian photography revealed about the invisible energy of living, emotional beings?

How does psychiatry explain cases of evil possession…or the English housewife who writes music “dictated” to her by famous composers long dead? How and why did ancient peoples build monolithic monuments such as Stonehenge, the Great Pyramids, or the Tower of Babel? Is the legend of Atlantis mere myth or the memory of a cataclysmic disaster greater than any in recorded history?

Is the Loch Ness monster one of many survivors from a primeval age of terrifying dinosaurs? And what is “Big Foot”- the towering man-like creature whose existence was actually proved on film? “In Search Of” sheds startling new light on things amazing and “unnatural”- the happenings and forces that still lie beyond our power to understand. It is a book utterly absorbing and hypnotic!

Hardcover with dust jacket; 273 pages; copyright 1978.