Instant Popsicle Triples


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Here’s a very cute little trick to make ice cream on a stick in a magical way. It’s novel and new, and quite easy to do!

Instant Popsicle basic effect: The magician displays an ice cream bar popsicle box. He opens it and tips it over and all that drops out is a popsicle stick. Somebody has obviously consumed the ice cream bar when he was not around, he exclaims.

But the magician fixes the problem with a little magic. He pours a little bit of colored liquid into the popsicle box. (The liquid really goes into the box. This is not a milk pitcher principle.) The stick is now stuck into the box, the box inverted, and the stick removed. The liquid is seen to have magically transformed into a complete popsicle!

If you wish you can replace the popsicle back inside the box, pull out the stick, and pour out the liquid once again.

With “Instant Popsicle Triples” you perform a routine using three different flavored popsicles. You apparently produce three different flavors of popsicles, as selected by assistants from the audience.

An offbeat item for kid show performers complete with the special “Foo Can Principle” plastic popsicles, sticks, attractive colored box and instructions. All you must supply are three small glasses and colored liquids that resemble chocolate, strawberry, and orange.