International Flash Bill (Magic Vision)


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The magician sets fire to a bill while checking if it’s a genuine bill. The bill vanishes in a flash of fire, leaving nothing – except the laughter of the spectators!

With this method you are able to use any spectator’s bill of any denomination and from any country. You don’t have to perform any bill switches. Perform it as close to your audience as you wish without any fear of someone noticing the bill is not real.

The very special pull supplied makes this possible. All you have to supply is some flash paper.

SAFETY NOTE: We at Winkler’s Magic Warehouse emphasize to all prospective purchasers that fire tricks and flash products are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We do not knowingly sell flash or fire items to children. We recommend these items only to be used by professional magicians or responsible adults. We have no control once the item leaves our premises. Therefore we accept no responsibility for their use or misuse.

So, in summary, if your your act is missing the visual element and you need something with a BIG IMPACT you can do so with a little flash or production of fire. When using flash and fire products and gimmicks to brighten up your act, we ask that the person buying is over 18 years of age and takes all responsibility through use. Flash and fire items are not recommended for use by people under eighteen and should never be given to minors.