Jellybean (Ickle Pickle)


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A fun bag made of jellybean printed fabric is turned inside out to show it empty. Then two handkerchiefs are magically produced, one black, one white. Now the colors will change…the black has turned to white and visa versa!

The audience isn’t impressed. “Okay”, says the magician, “We’ll make some jellybeans appear…black beans on the black handkerchief and white beans on the white handkerchief!” The audience is still not impressed.

“Okay, okay, let’s try again”, says the magician. “Now they (the handkerchiefs) are covered in jellybeans just like the outside of the bag!” The two handkerchiefs are shown to all brightly colored!

The magician continues, “But I think one is missing. Jellybean, where are you?” Now the bag is turned inside out again and the cute face of a rabbit appears! “It’s Jellybean the rabbit!

The kids will eat this one up alive. Lots of audience reaction with this one!

If you work with kids you’ll love performing Jellybean!