Jumbo “Card Spell’ by Don Alan Lachman


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This is great entertaining and funny routine where the performer shows a packet of thirteen jumbo blue back Bicycle cards running from the ace to the King and performs a spelling sequence with a helper from the audience.

The magician shows the  helper how to spell out the various cards. Starting with the ace, the performer moves a card (for each letter in ace) from the top of the packet to the bottom as he spells it out. Then showing the next card the spectator’s see the ace.

The performer repeats the spelling with the two and three. Each time moving a card from the top of the packet to the bottom of the packet for each letter and then showing the correct card.

Now the packet is given to the helper to spell out the four. But when the helper does exactly as the magician instructed, instead of the four, the helper gets the nine.

The performer takes back the packet from the helper and shows them how to spell four. The magician does as he did previously, moving one card at a time, as he spells out four, and when the next card is shown it is the four!

Now he lets the helper try and spell five, but again they end up with the nine!

Magician takes back the cards and correctly spells five!

The spectator tries to spell six but again ends up with the nine!

The magician takes the cards back and correctly spells out the six!

Now the performer asks someone completely different in the audience to spell out the seven and eight which they do correctly.

Now have your helper spell out nine which they will finally do correctly!

The magician spells out the ten correctly.

The helper now tries to spell out the Jack but ends up getting the King, so the magician takes over and spells out the Jack correctly.

Two cards are left. The Queen and King. The magician asks the helper if they want to spell out the Queen or do they want the magician to do so. Whatever the helper’s desire, if they want the magician to spell, the magician will correctly spell out the Queen. If the helper wants to spell out the Queen they will get the King! If they get the King, the magician takes the cards and correctly spells out the Queen!

Finally, one card is left, the King. The card is given to the spectator to spell out, the magician saying it’s impossible to miss. The magician instructs the helper to make the card go back and forth in his hands spelling out King. A nice funny way to end the routine.

You receive all the cards required along with the detailed instructions.