Jumping Silk On Rope (Light Blue and Red Silks)


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This is a pre-owned item that is in good working order and comes with a copy of the original instructions. A great trick to use for the young members of your audience.

Here is a novelty silk trick and one with a mystifying climax which is completely visual. Magician shows a piece of rope on to which are tied three silk handkerchiefs. Two blue ones and a red. If desired, the silks can be tied around the rope by a spectator. Silks are all tied on with genuine knots. Rope is held so that the two blue silks are at the top, and the red one at the bottom.

Magician gathers up the rope, passing the rope around his back and transferring it from hand to hand in the process, when it is seen that the red silk is now at the top. Once more rope is passed around his back. This time the red silk appears back on the bottom once more. The supposed jumping of the silk from one end of the rope to the other can be continued. Of course the audience are not impressed, and it is obvious that all that is happening is that the rope is being turned end for end.

If you wish, instead of passing the rope around the back, it can be lowered in each instance, into a paper bag. This is optional. “Maybe” says the magician, “You think that the handkerchief is not really jumping at all, but I can assure you it is.” He gathers the rope up once-more.

“Watch!” he exclaims. Suddenly it is seen that the red silk has now jumped visibly to the CENTER of the rope between the two blue ones!

The trick is easy to do, always ready and can be worked under any conditions. It is ideal for presentation to children or to the most sophisticated adults.

Note: Uses just the three silks and one rope. No switches involved, like placing the ropes and silks into a change bag, etc.. The silks are ungimmicked but the rope is specially designed to make this trick work. Very clever method. You’ll use this one often.