Key In Bottle or Key Thru Ring Mystery


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Effect: The magician shows a normal looking beer or soda bottle and a key. Both are passed out for examination and proven to be normal. Now the magician takes the solid key and magically passes it inside the bottle! Members of the audience are asked if they can remove the key from inside the bottle but find it impossible to do as the mouth of the bottle is too narrow for the key to pass through it.

The key can also be used for other tricks like “Key Thru Ring” where the key penetrates through a ring while it is wrapped in a hanky.

Each package contains two keys: One is normal the other is a special folding key that you switch in and out to perform the effects above.

Supplied in a plastic bag. No instructions…..but the gimmick is really straight forward and heading over to “You Tube” will reveal plenty of effects.

Please note: To get the key out of the bottle you will need to break the bottle.

Note: The key can be taken from your own set of keys or borrowed from a stooge in the audience for a bigger more impressive performance.