Knots: Useful and Ornamental (George Russell Shaw)


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One of the first tools that foreshadowed the dawn of civilization was the intertwining of organic fibers to form what is known today as the knot. In the modern world, however, scant credit is given to the little knot-though to the sailor, the cowboy, the gaucho, the mountaineer, and the outdoorsman the knowledge of the knot is essentially timeless and is an indispensable study. For all of man’s advanced technology nothing yet has replaced the knot.

Knots: Useful & Ornamental takes a comprehensive look at the variety of knots one can make. Although most people think of the technique of making knots as “useful,” the value of the knot is not merely practical. The unique and gratifying attitude of this book is that the author George Russell Shaw recognized the unlimited potential of the knot and has presented in 193 full pages of illustrations not only the knot’s usefulness as a basic tool but also its beauty as a craft, an ornament, and a work of art.

Beginning with a definition of term, concise step-by-step instructions show you how to make every type of knot, from the simple”Clove Hitch” to the elegant labyrinthian “Octagonal Knot.” There are also full descriptions of how to make angular knots, braids ladders, lassos, and net.

The book is full of surprises as there is everything from tying flies to making belts and buckles; from book covering to Celtic knot; from flower knots to temple ornaments; from macrame to the ancient technique of knotting as developed in Japan. Also illustrated are the halter knot for horses, knots to make an assortment of nets such as the fisherman and tennis net, and the classic square knot.

Knots : Useful & Ornamental is a book for both the professional and the crafts person, as well as for all those who are fascinated by the creative endeavor of making infinite variations on one theme.

Published by Bonanza Books, New York.

Hard covers with dust jacket; 194 pages.