Lit Match To Paper Fan (Jair Bonair)


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The magician strikes a large kitchen type wooden match and after it is seen burning for a few seconds he blows it out. At that very instant the match transforms into a five inch brightly colored and spring loaded paper fan!

SAFETY NOTE: We at Winkler’s Magic Warehouse emphasize to all prospective purchasers that tricks with matches (even if they are not lit) are NOT FOR CHILDREN! We do not knowingly sell match related items to children. We recommend these items only to be used by professional magicians or responsible adults. We have no control once the item leaves our premises. Therefore we accept no responsibility for their use or misuse.

When using matches with your act, we ask that the person buying is over 18 years of age and takes all responsibility through use. Match items are not recommended for use by people under eighteen and should never be given to minors.