Locking Dollar Thirty-Five Trick


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An excellent and novel coin effect that’s a real shocker to the onlookers!

EFFECT: Two fifty-cent pieces are shown along with a quarter and a dime. When each of the tabled coins are placed into the magician’s closed fist, the spectator is asked to total the sum of coins. The answer of course is….one dollar and thirty-five cents.

Next, a fifty cent piece is removed and given to the spectator to hold. When asked what should be remaining in the magician’s hand, the answer is eighty-five cents…right?

Wrong! For when the performer opens up his closed fist, they see that the dime, quarter and half-dollar have completely vanished!

A novel piece of precision workmanship, exceptional quality.

No skill required as the coins do all the work!

This outstanding coin effect will make an extraordinary addition to any coin routine you may currently have!