Double Sided Loooong Card 3S to 8S or 3H to 8H (Royal Magic)


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Effect #1: The spectator selects a card, and the magician states that he has a matching card in his pocket. As he begins to remove the card, it appears to be the Three of Spades. The spectator says that the chosen card was not the Three but the Eight of Spades. The magician continues to remove the card, which is longer than a normal card. When the card is removed from the pocket, the spectator can see that it is the Eight of Spades!

Effect #2: With this double sided Loooong Card the trick can be performed again using the Three of Hearts to Eight of Hearts side.

A great entertaining card effect that will put a smile on the faces of your audience members for sure. If not, you’re doing something wrong.

You receive the specially printed Loooong Card and instructions. You will need to supply your own deck of cards and be able to force a card to perform this effect.

The Loooong Card is constructed from plastic so it’s easy to keep clean and should last you a long time with a little care.