Lot of 9 Metal Gold Colored Miniature Baskets


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These came from a magician’s estate purchase. Not sure what they were intended to be used for but they are all in new condition and are very nicely constructed. Maybe someone has a use for them. All metal construction and painted gold. Sizes vary a little but average around:

3″ Long x 2-1/2″ Wide x 3-1/2″ tall for the five oval shaped baskets

2-1/4″ square x 3-1/2″ tall for the two square shaped baskets

2″ in diameter x 3-1/2″ tall for the two round baskets

The height measurement is to the top of the handle. The handles do not fold and are fixed in their upright position. The baskets do not nest within each other.

Note: Great for use at weddings, showers, anniversaries, Christmas and other holidays!