Magic Coins to Glass (Copenetro)


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Effect: Magician displays a large glass, a small shot glass and a wooden base. The small glass is placed on the base and the large glass inverted over the small one. The outfit is covered with a handkerchief.

Four half dollars are shown resting on a wooden stand. One by one the coins vanish! The performer takes each coin from the stand and tosses them toward the sealed glasses.

You can actually hear each coin as it arrives in the small shot glass. The effect on the audience is truly startling! One by one, the coins penetrate the handkerchief and large glass and appear inside the small shot glass!

Supplied complete with the shot glass and large glass, a beautiful wood turned base, wooden coin vanishing stand, setting tool, and instructions.

It’s all self contained and automatic!

No sleight of hand required!

Use your own handkerchief.

Note: The four half dollars seen in the picture are for display purposes only and are not included.