Magic Selection – Lecture Notes – Pavel – Signed


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Signed by Pavel in 1989.

Covers are creased in some areas and some of the interior pages are slightly toned along the outer edges.

Contents includes:

The Enchanted Mirror – Silk Eater

Sympathetic Ropes Routine

Card In The Air – Improved Version

Silks And Rings – A Visual Transposition

Rings On Rope Routine

Card Paper Tear – A Card Prediction

Knots Off Rope – A Comedy Bit With Rope

Color Bet – You can’t Be A Looser

Quadsilx – The World’s Simplest Blendo

Silks From Silk – A Classic Silk Production

Sucker Blendo

Transparency – A Table Card Trick

The Yellow Rope – Where Do The Knots Com From?

Jumping Knots Routine

Black And White Records – Sucker Trick