Magic With A Steel Ball And Tube (Magic-Ian)


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A wonderful book describing all the routines you can do with this classic pocket mystery! After learning the effects in this book you can even fool people who own the trick!

Basic Effect: A solid steel ball resting on top of a metal tube slowly descends into the tube and emerges again and then all can be passed out for immediate examination. No one else can accomplish the effect.

Contents of the book:

*The Steel Ball and Tube Illusion (Hypno Ball)
*Thumb-Palm Steal
*E-Z Steal: reprint of EZ Magic instruction sheet
*Mike Tannen Steal: Hand the outer tube plus ball to spectator
*Walter B. Gibson’s “Get A Way”
*The Heat of Your Hand: Spectator heats the ball, it now fits inside the steel tube
*Squeeze Play: The Reputation Maker – Impromptu method, no steal required
*Chop Cup: Use the tube as chop cup with M&M as the final load
*False Take Off: Ball looks like it is taken off tube
*Drumhead Tube: Using the trick as a drumhead tube
*Magic Tube: Place silk in tube, wrap in paper, silk vanishes!
*Dye Tube Vanisher: Silk vanishes from tube used as a Dye Tube
*Dye Tube (Standard): Silk changes color in tube used as a Dye Tube
*Multiplying Ball: Using two sets, ball can be removed and produced again
*Multiplying Ball Outdone: Variation of a “Coin in Bottle”
*Three Balls in a Tube: Dai Vernon’s variation
*Diminishing Ball: Thurston’s variation
*Tube on String, Tube on Wand: Jardine Ellis variation
*Ball and Tube Vanish: Using a “pull”
*Vanishing a Dollar or Cigarette: Using a “pull”
*Rising Tube On Pencil
*Grasp the Situation Spectator can’t remove partially lowered ball, but you can.
*Vanishing Thimble Move by Roy Fromer: Ideas for thimble moves
*Chrome Tube from $1.00 Bill by Roy Fromer: Tube is produced from inside a borrowed and rolled up dollar bill
*The Ball Tube by Walter Gibson: Method to eliminate inner tube
*Fingertip Presentation of the Ball Tube: Method to eliminate both tubes
*Improved Ball and Tube by Walter Gibson: Another “pull” method
*Ball and Glass Tube by Walter Gibson: Using glass tubes
*Severtsen’s Subtle Switch: When handed out, the ball is welded to the tube!
*Test Tube Baby by Arty Seversten idea: Ideas for explaining why the ball lowers and raises
*Traveling Tissues by Roy Fromer: Silks change places inside tubes
*The Silver Silk Tube by Roy Fromer: Silks blown through tube come out knotted
*Grandmother’s Necklace by Roy Fromer: Grandmother’s Necklace routine using two shoestrings
*Magnetic Tubes: Tubes stick to each other
*Loads of Fun: discussion of various loads

Published by D. Robbins & Company, Inc.

Second printing, 1996

Soft covers; 28 pages.