Manual Of Juggling (Max Holden)


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Acquired this vintage book from Magic Incorporated that has been in their storage vault. It is a new old stock early edition from years ago. Excellent condition.

The Manual of Juggling by Max Holden (1884-1949) is a classic introduction to the art and skill of juggling, illustrating the various ball throwing techniques, along with how to juggle clubs, plates, hoops, hats, and devil sticks, as well as spinning top hats and plates.

The greatest book on juggling ever written. Explains in easy to understand text the complete fundamentals of juggling with balls, platters, hats, hoops, clubs, devil sticks and dozens of other things. Tricks from many famous jugglers like Charles Carrer, Leo Rullman, Harry Lind, Larry Weeks, Lorette, Montandon, Max Holden, Harry Ferrier. Many tips and bits of business, suggested routines and complete juggling presentations.

Forty-seven pages with illustrations. Originally printed by Max Holden in 1947. This is a ninth printing from Magic, Inc. dated 1990.