Marconick Magic Series – Books 2-5


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These are all pre-owned but in good condition. Books 2,3, and 4 have light markings in their upper right hand corners (on the front covers) from previous price labels. Insides are all good and clean.

Marconick – Book 2 (Soft covers, staple bound with 32 pages)

Marconick’s new magic pocket book of original magic #2 has thirty-two pages of original ideas, illustrated by John Elferink of Holland and edited by Peter Warlock of England. We know you will be using many of the items in your own show as they are all audience tested. His new idea on the 20th century silks will please you, his dancing rings and umbrella finale is flashy, his silk production is colorful, his Kleenex production is surprising. The Traveling Flame will delight the novelty seeker, and the dove mat illusion will find many dove workers using it. These are only a few of the great tricks you will find in this new Marconick book of original ideas #2.

Yrutnec Hteitnewt (Twentieth Century Backwards)
Coin Materialisation
The Coins Disappear
Ring Penetration
The Patriotic Change
The Inca Ring
Two Colour Production Tube
Two In One
Riffle Rice
A Ribbon Mystery
The Dove Mat Illusion
The Travelling Flame
Thimble Penetration
Mr. Rabbit
A Stacked Deck
Kleenex Production
Looped Rope Through Neck
Rope Through Neck
Silk Chain
Production Of A Silk
The Dancing Rings And Umbrella Finale

Marconicks Original Magic Book 3 (Soft covers, staple bound with 44 pages)

The most inventive and original of all European magicians, Marconick has delighted many Americans on his lecture tours. You will be very happy with his tricks because his ideas are simple and straightforward. Each book is complete in itself. Book 3 contains: Production of an Ice Pail and Silks, Card from Fez, Chain Reaction, Vanish of a Vase of Flowers, Waterballet, Blowing a Crease in a Hat, Dog Production, Twice Knotted, Floating Sombrero, Up the Sleeve, Silk Appearance on a Coat Hanger, Two Silks Change Places, Catching a Card on a Rope, Borrowed Handkerchief Close Up, Chair to Suitcase, Silk Production from Card Fan, Silk production in Knot, Coca Cola in Newspaper, Silk Manipulation for Two Hands, Silk Return, Gamblers Dream. (The last item is easily made, big, flashy, Las Vegas idea! Dozens and dozens of excellent sketches.

Marconick – Book 4 (Soft covers, staple bound with 30 pages)

More fine Marconick excitement in another of his fascinating books. The sketch is the applause getting finish of a rope trick he teaches in Book four. Plus Impossible Cards, Rising Aces, Thimbles, Card on Mirror, Color Change in the Air, Cigarette Production, Instant Rope Thru Neck, Cut and Restored Handkerchief, Bare Hand Silk Production, Jumping Card, Fastest Knot in the World, Dancing Rings, Knotted Twice, Paper Streamer Production, Twentieth Century, Cut and Restored Necktie, Color Change in Glass, Cut and Restored Ribbon, Torn and Restored Magazine, Ring on Ribbon, Pin Up Card. All with the direct, simple Marconick method that brings results and makes it easy. Several sketches for every trick.

Marconick – Book 5 (Soft covers, staple bound with 32 pages)

More fine Marconick excitement in another of his fascinating books.

Lassoo A Silk
Playing Cards
Follow-Up Lassoo A Silk
The Talking Frog
A Card Vanish From The Table
A Card Turn Over
A Mental Effect
A Champagne Production
A Cigarette Production
Linking Silks
Rising Cards A La Svengali
A Silk Vanish Opening
Variation Triangle Silks
A Perfect Glass Balance
A Floating Record
Cutting A Rope In Three
A Folding Table Screen
Silks In Loop-Holes
Bottles To Doves Transformation
The High Light Of The Show
A Dove Or Rabbit Vanish
A Card Fan Production
Two Silks From The Air