Mental Balloon


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We acquired this from a magician’s estate purchase. Apparatus is in like-new condition and looks like it was never used. Comes with the original packaging box (which has wear), the original instructions, a pin for bursting the balloons, and a few balloons. You will need to supply more balloons. Because of the size of this item extra shipping to your location may be required. Please inquire before ordering.

We believe that this is an original principle for a color prediction effect. This is a self-working apparatus, which makes it easy and sure fire. Moreover, one strong point is that no force is required. The choices made by the spectators are truly free ones! The method used is quite ingenious!

A rectangular board is standing upright on the table. In the board there are four large holes in which small inflated balloons of different colors are lodged. The performer declares that he has pasted a prediction label on the rear side of the board just under the colored balloons, which he wishes to save. The prediction label has a bold white arrow on a colored background which matches with the color of the balloon.

Any three spectators then choose a balloon color. They are free choices. You do not force any particular color. As each color is called the performer bursts the balloon with that color using either a pointed rod or a lit cigarette. In the end only the balloon that no one has selected remains. The performer (without any clumsy moves) turns the board around to show that he has correctly predicted which balloon would be left unharmed!