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The magician shows a multicolored die, positioned on a pedestal, and a cover. He asks a spectator to choose one of the colors that is on the face of the die. He then hides the die for an instant with the cover. Immediately, he removes the cover, and the die is seen to have all its faces the same color just chosen by the spectator!

The die is covered once again, and then seen to be multi-colored again. Another spectator is asked to choose another color, and as before, the entire die changes to that chosen color!

A colorful mental effect!

Tora Magic quality!

Practically automatic. Colors can be chosen freely.

The pedestal, with the cover placed on it, measures 15cm (5.9″) x 20.8cm (8.18″) x 15cm (5.9″).

You receive the link and password for the on-line non-verbal instructions.