Mini Puzzle Series – Set of 3 Different Wire Puzzles #2


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Strengthen your brain with this set of three different metal wire puzzles. You’ll find these puzzles to be fun, yet quite challenging! And they make a great gift too!

Exciting brain teaser puzzles for both kids and adults to enjoy! These disentanglement puzzles will provide you with hours of entertainment.

Metal wire puzzle brain teasers originated from Chinese culture and it was designed to aid with concentration and focus and it also helps develop creative thinking, problem solving, it improves your IQ, and more!

These metal wire brain teasers provide for a great challenge. The set comes with three different wire pieces interlocked together. To unlock each puzzle you need to maneuver the pieces until you will be able to separate them away from each other.

When you figure out how to unlock one puzzle you still have others to try. Lots of fun to play with family and friends and compete who can disentangle the puzzle first.

These durable brain teaser puzzle sets are great for all occasions! They’re perfect to hand out for birthday parties, party favors, classroom rewards, educational prizes, gifts, stocking stuffer, and much more!

Each puzzle comes with an illustrated picture on how to solve.

Note: Not suitable for children under 36 months of age as there are small parts that could cause choking.

Note: The name “Mini” in the title is a little misleading as these three puzzles are actually a fairly good size and we feel they are more than mini in size. Each puzzle measures about four to five inches by about three to four inches in size.