Miracles With A Marked Deck – DVD


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Magic with a marked deck has never been easier to learn!

On this DVD, professional magician Kirk Charles explores the workings of a marked deck and demonstrates its use in over one dozen stunning tricks. From mind reading effects to supposed demonstrations of super-skills, Charles shows how this subtle yet powerful magical tool can be developed into a devious secret weapon in any magician’s bag of tricks.

You will learn how to:

Instantly memorize the order of the entire deck!

Tell the difference between black and red cards apparently by weight alone!

Analyze a spectator’s handwriting as if you were an expert graphologist!

Determine the name of a spectator’s selected card before even they know its identity!

And much more!

In addition to tricks, Charles discusses the psychology behind working with a marked deck and how to conceal its presence from an audience. Years of careful study and practice are laid bare on Miracles with a Marked Deck.

Charles also talks about the history and background of marked decks, and the development of modern marking systems including the popular Boris Wild Marked Deck.