Mirage Deck – Red Back (Bicycle)


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An amazing deck of cards that allows you to do any of the easy to do miracles possible with the Svengali Deck. However it also allows you to fan the deck of cards to show all of the cards are different.

With this deck many routines are possible, here is just one. A card is selected from a fanned deck. The cards are then shuffled and are cut into four piles. The spectator then points to a pile, and the top card of that pile is removed. The rest of the pack is reassembled and spread across the table. The spectator looks at the pack but can not find their card. The card which was previously removed is turned over to find that is the spectators selection.

Another effect: The pack is spread out to show a mixed regular deck of cards. Now a card is selected and lost in the deck. The magician instantly cuts to the selected card. Next, with a snap of the fingers, all of the cards change to the selection as the deck is shown to consist of only that one card! And just as quickly the deck can be spread to show a regular deck once more!